Euskover 2K22

Get ready for the EUSKOVER Asian Dance Contest at Euskal Encounter 30! The competition will take place on Sunday 24 July. Come and show us all your hard work and preparation!



1.1. EUSKOVER 2K22 will be held in person on Sunday 24 July from 17.00 to 20.00 at the Euskal Encounter 30 (which is taking place at the BEC). Entry is free for both participants and the general public.

1.2. Participants must be at least 12 years old.

1.3. There will be a maximum of 24 participants, split into 12 solo performers and 12 groups. The groups will have a maximum number of 10 members.

  • Once the 24 spaces have been allocated, two waiting lists will be created (one for groups and one for solo performers) in case a group and/or solo performer withdraws.
  • If you are on the waiting list, the organisation will send a confirmation email indicating which position on the list you are in.
  • The same person may NOT enter both categories.
  • Backing dancers are NOT allowed in the solo performer category and individuals may not make temporary appearances during the performance.

1.4. All participants must be in the stage area at 16:45You may be disqualified if you are not in the stage area at this time.

1.5. An area will be set up where participants can change and leave their belongings. This area will be open from 16:00 to 16:30 and from 20:00 to 20:30.

1.6. The stage measures 9x4.

1.7. Once all the spaces have been filled, the running order will be randomly chosen. The running order will be published on 22 July 2022 via the Euri Instagram account (@euridance).

Notification must be made by email before 22 July of any specific requirements needed in the running order.


2.1. Choreography songs or remixes must be exclusively Asian (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.). Songs in English will also be allowed on the condition that the songs are performed by Idols (e.g. Butter by BTS, Wonderland by AleXa or On The Ground by ROSÉ).

2.2. Performances must not exceed a total time of 4.30 minutes. The minimum performance time is 2.30 minutes.

2.3. Choreographies must be original to the artist, but each group or solo performer will have a margin of 20 seconds for free choreography. Exceeding the time limit will be grounds for disqualification.

2.4. In order to make it easier for participants to choose songs, the title of the song and the group to which it belongs will be added to a list as entries are confirmed, without naming the group or solo performer.

If a remix is chosen, the songs used will be included on the list without stating that they are part of a remix. Song list:


The order of the songs in this document does not indicate the actual running order on the day of the competition.


3.1. Registration is free and can be done online by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on 7 June from 18:00 onwards and up until 5 July at the same time. Please include the following information:

  • Name of group/solo performer.
  • Real name of solo performer/names of group performers.
  • Age(s).
  • Town/city of origin.
  • Name of song and artist.
  • Contact number of one group member/solo performer in case you need to be contacted on the day of the competition.
  • Additional information.


  • Entries sent before the date and/or time stated in the competition rules will not be valid.

3.2. Participants who are under the age of 16 must send the authorisation form completed by their father/mother/legal guardian at the same time as the registration form. The deadline is 5 July 2022.

If this document is not sent, the group/solo performer may be disqualified and their place will be allocated to someone else according to the order of participants on the waiting list.

3.3. In order to complete the registration process and take part in the competition, participants must send the following by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by 5 July (inclusive) 2022 at the latest: The audio and/or video file, which must be in .mp3 format and must be compatible with the latest VLC software.

  • Files can be sent using computer file transfer services (Google Drive, Dropbox, Wetransfer, etc.).
  • The name of the song and the name of the group/solo performer taking part must be included in the file.
  • Once the file has been sent, the chosen song or remix cannot be changed. Up until this point, changes can be made by sending a prior notification to the organisation by email.
  • Sending the audio file late will result in the group/solo performer being disqualified.

3.4. All changes relating to the registration process must be notified by email to the organisation. Possible changes will be managed as follows:

  • As mentioned in point 3.3., once the song file has been sent, it cannot be changed. If a change is wanted and the places are filled, the participant will join the waiting list (solo performer or group). To do this, they will need to register again providing the required information.
  • The number of group members can be changed, respecting the maximum number of group members allowed, but you are not allowed to swap from a group with two or more members to become a solo performer.
  • If a group member wishes to take part as a solo performer, they must notify the organisation of their leaving the group and send a new registration from with the required information. If there are no places left, they will join the bottom of the waiting list. In this case, the group entry will not change.
  • If a solo performer decides to take part with a group, their place as a solo performer will be made available.
  • Changes to the number of group members can only be made up to two days before the competition (Friday 22 July), except in the event of an emergency or force majeure.
  • The organisation must be consulted regarding name changes, both to groups and solo performers. If this option is possible, name changes will not affect either the entry or the competition running order.

3.5. If an entry is withdrawn, the organisation will be notified via email. Withdrawing from the competition would mean that:

  • If a group or solo performer withdraws before the competition, they may not register again and take up their previous place. They would go to the bottom of the waiting list if all the places were filled.
  • If a group/solo performer withdraws, the next group/solo performer on the waiting list will take part. This will only happen up to four days before the competition (Wednesday 20 July). If a participant withdraws after this point, NO other participants will be chosen to perform. The next group/solo performer on the waiting list will therefore be notified on Wednesday 20 July at the latest that they have been chosen to take part.
  • If a group/solo performer does not show up on the day of the competition without prior notification, they will be penalised and will not be able to take part in the next contest.


4.1. The following elements will be assessed during the performance:

  • Technique
  • Body expression/groove
  • Facial expression
  • Coordination (in group and with the song)
  • Faithfulness to the original song
  • Dance difficulty
  • Costume
  • Originality

4.2. The jury, made up of dance professionals, will directly choose the winners in the following categories:

1st prize group: €300

2nd prize group: €150

1st prize solo performer: €150

2nd prize solo performer: €75

The jury may also give special mentions to any participants at their discretion. The jury’s decision will be final and may not be appealed.

4.4. Once the winners have been announced, the organisation will contact them about receiving the prizes.

4.5. By taking part in the competition, you fully accept the rules.


5.1. Pursuant to Royal Decree 726/2020 on weapons regulations, participants are strictly forbidden from using firearms, metal weapons and other blunt objects or imitations which, due to their characteristics, may lead to confusion as to their true nature.

5.2. During the performance, no elements that may dirty, damage or endanger the physical integrity of the people and the facilities at the venue (pyrotechnic and flammable material, smoke generators of any kind, articles that may scratch the floor, liquids, glitter, confetti, feathers, etc.) may be thrown and no objects may be thrown off the stage.

5.3. No mains-powered equipment, generators or any other type of connection may be used to produce visual, sound or other special effects.

5.4. Participants are not allowed to jump from the stage into the audience and no other behaviour that the organisation deems inappropriate or obscene shall be tolerated. If this were to happen, the organisation reserves the right to take the measures it considers appropriate.

5.5. The use of banners or any type of advertising is not allowed during the performance without authorisation from the event organisers.

5.6. Taking part in the competition implies the granting of image rights. For advertising purposes, images of the participants may be used in various media: TV programmes, Internet, newspapers, magazines, etc. There will be no financial compensation for these promotional measures.

5.7. The personal data provided when registering for the competition shall be treated as confidential in accordance with Organic Law 03/2018 of 5 December. The data shall be used exclusively for the purposes of this competition and shall not be transferred or sold to third parties under any circumstances.

5.8. The organisation and jury reserve the right to take any measures that lead to a more successful competition, without them being included in these rules.


If you have any queries, send us a private message to our Instagram account @euridance.

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