Activities Multipurpose Area

During Euskal Encounter 30 we will have the following talks and activities in the area. All of them will be held in the Multipurpose Area of ​​the Partyplace.

* Note: the schedule for each activity will be published in the official Euskal Encounter 30 program and announced on the web, Intranet, and screens during the event.

Friday July 22

Presentation of Area Activities

A short talk where the organizers of the Free Software area will inform about what activities we will be conducting during the party and the latest novelties about them.

Hack It / Solve It How-to

A classic in past editions. We return with this one-hour talk where we resolve our doubts and clarify some levels, and we give advice on participating in Hack It / Solve It. Whether you have participated before or you are a first-timer, it is highly recommendable to attend in order to learn the latest developments.

At the end of this activity, we will hold the usual Hack It / Solve it start-up meeting, and the competition will begin.

Sunday July 24

Free Software EE30 Debriefing

We will hold a 1-hour meeting where we will disclose the solutions to Hack It / Solve It levels and we will have time to talk and for you to tell us your assessment of the area and of its activities.

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