Alerts Contest

Giving visibility to streamers is important in order to build trust and a community around them. Recognising this can play a big role in a streamer's career. One key element in this is played by notifications and alerts.

This contest is about creating and presenting a series of alerts (follow, subscription, interaction, donation, raid/host alerts...) to be used by the streamer.

Competition rules

Registration will take place via Those interested with have to register in the relevant category.

The specific features to be considered will be published in the activity description once it is opened on the Intranet.

A jury appointed by the organisers will ensure that registrations comply with the rules of the event. If the quality of registrations is deemed insufficient or in poor taste, the competition may be declared void.

The General Rules will apply along with these rules.

Participation in the competition implies acceptance of its rules.

Submission of projects

All materials will be delivered in a compressed .zip file with a .txt file of a maximum of 3 lines explaining what it is about. In addition, the author must submit, together with the final graphic (the competition entry), a maximum 2-minute video (timelapse) showing the creation process, or a minimum of 10 sequentially numbered images of the intermediate steps. In addition, the author will have to provide the original file with its respective layers. For example, if the project is created in Photoshop, the .psd document will be delivered with the different layers that have been worked on.

Each participant will have to sign up and upload his/her project on the Intranet in the category, competition or activity they want to take part in. The participant is ultimately responsible for his or her submission and must ensure that his/her submission has been uploaded correctly.

Recommended resolution: 1920 x 1080

At least 4 different alerts must be delivered.

Formats allowed: .mp4, .gif, .mov, .webm and other OBS compatible formats. All materials must be OBS compatible.


Cash prizes:

The cash prizes shall be subject to the relevant tax withholdings in accordance with the current Legislation and, in turn, any indirect tax that, where appropriate, may be applicable shall be included in its amount.

They shall be paid by bank transfer. The payment details must be emailed to the  event organisers within the set period.

Prizes will be as follows:

Winner: €75 and gold medal.

2nd place: €50 and silver medal.

3rd place:   €25 and bronze medal.

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