Casters (Commentators) Contest

At e-sports, the players are the stars but, like in any other show, the audience and the fan base are essential. To connect these two and explain what is happening to the audience, the commentators (or casters) are key. This competition rewards the best caster (from either a technical point of view or from a purely show-business perspective), as explaining what is happening in an engaging way and connecting with the audience is always a challenge.

Competition rules

Registration will take place via Those interested with have to register in the relevant category.

The clip provided by the organisation (link to clip) will have to be casted by the participant.

A jury appointed by the organisers will ensure that registrations comply with the rules of the event. If the quality of registrations is deemed insufficient or in poor taste, the competition may be declared void.

The General Rules will apply along with these rules.

Participation in the competition implies acceptance of its rules.

Submission of projects

Each participant will have to sign up and upload his/her project on the Intranet in the category, competition or activity they want to take part in. The participant is ultimately responsible for his or her submission and must ensure that his/her submission has been uploaded correctly.

The clip will be uploaded as an .mp4 file and your audio commentary and the video provided must already be mixed. Alternatively, videos in 4:3 or 16:9 formats may also be uploaded, as long as the clip can be followed and the on-screen area is less than 10% of the total.

Only one entry per participant will be allowed.


In addition to the prize money, the winners of the caster competition will be considered for live commentary on party activities such as the finals of the different game competitions.

Cash prizes:

The cash prizes shall be subject to the relevant tax withholdings in accordance with the current Legislation and, in turn, any indirect tax that, where appropriate, may be applicable shall be included in its amount.

They shall be paid by bank transfer. The payment details must be emailed to the  event organisers within the set period.

Prizes will be as follows:

Winner: €150 and gold medal.

2nd place: €100 and silver medal.

3rd place:   €50 and bronze medal.

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